Invest In Those Who Keep Our Communities Safe

Washington State corrections employees put their lives on the line to protect the public.

Many corrections employees are military veterans who have served our country and are continuing that public service back home. They know how important it is to invest in corrections so that our state’s prisons are safe and our communities are strong.

I urge the Washington Legislature to fully fund the corrections contract and invest in the men and women who keep our communities safe.


Will you sign?

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  • Amanda Green
  • Brandon Garcia-Acain
  • aaron Kershaw
  • Travis Green
  • Anthony Servedio
  • James Hamilton
  • Stacey Malchow
  • Sheryl Green
    Sign our PETITION in support of funding WA State corrections employees' contract. They risk their lives to protect us!
  • Sheryl Green
    Fund the DOC contract, the employees provide a valuable service to the state of Washington and work under dangerous conditions to get the job done!
  • Daniel strom
  • Melissa Grijalva
    Fund the raise in the contract
  • James Dye
  • Willie Woods
  • Chad Beman
  • Jocelyn Myers
  • Peggy Goucher
  • Michael Stark
  • Bill Norberg
  • Elizabeth Servedio
    My husband is a CO2 at Monroe. He’s been part of the SERT team and has donated countless hours and items in support of the team. He’s been spit on by an offender and does trainings and drills almost nightly to make sure everyone knows what to do at all times. With over 50 CO’s leaving to go to BNSF, you need to take care of the dedicated ones by paying them a fair wage.
  • Jennifer Duran
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  • Frank Longoria
  • marco reyes
  • Bryan Flores
  • Lucy Howerter
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  • Cory mclaughlin
    we deserve our raise. Would you do what we do for what we make? Think about that. We are Literally risking serious bodily harm or death every day.