Invest In Those Who Keep Our Communities Safe

Washington State corrections employees put their lives on the line to protect the public.

Many corrections employees are military veterans who have served our country and are continuing that public service back home. They know how important it is to invest in corrections so that our state’s prisons are safe and our communities are strong.

I urge the Washington Legislature to fully fund the corrections contract and invest in the men and women who keep our communities safe.


Will you sign?

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  • Michael Horn
  • Fernando Galvan
  • Christine Henderson
  • Sarah Glass
  • Jeffrey Logan
  • Eddie Castillo
  • william nelson
  • Austin Wells
  • Josh Longmeier
  • Patrick Hopperstad
  • Loretta Graves
    I am really disappointed that I was told by Senator Hewitt’s staff that he supported us and then see that he voted NO. Remember this next election.
  • Lyle Quandt
  • Daniel Villa
  • Tyler Creevan
  • Tim Meade
  • Kristin Tripp
  • Kristin King
  • Victor Cardenas
  • David Beeman
    The public wants safe communities. Washington State Department of Corrections is one of the many aspects of the Criminal Justice System that provides those safe communities. It is time Washington State pays all prison staff what they are worth.
  • Amelia Suarez
  • Dory Flores
  • Raul Flores
  • Feliciano Rodriguez Jr
  • Pavel Dragonchuk
    I stand with the corrections family
  • William Wyant
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