Invest In Those Who Keep Our Communities Safe

Washington State corrections employees put their lives on the line to protect the public.

Many corrections employees are military veterans who have served our country and are continuing that public service back home. They know how important it is to invest in corrections so that our state’s prisons are safe and our communities are strong.

I urge the Washington Legislature to fully fund the corrections contract and invest in the men and women who keep our communities safe.


Will you sign?

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  • tina Hemstreet
  • Lucinda Wakefield
  • kenny wakefield
  • John Glowacki
  • Liza Glowacki
  • Connie Severson
  • Steven Smith
  • Mary Rose
    As a teacher in Washington State I understand the feeling of going to work and not having the support of the officials in office that are “controlling” my working environment. I also know what it feels like drive to work and hear only “negative” stories on the radio about my profession…and I know what it is like to go MANY years with out a Cost of Living Raise…Correction Staff are important to our society and for the future of those people who are currently in their care. They face many challenges in the work place and many challenges as they continue to try to get their voices heard. Members of all Unions must stand together and show support for one another…an injustice to one is an injustice for all! I stand strongly with my Union Brothers and Sisters as they try to have their contract funded. As members of the WA State legislature you must do the same!
  • Matt Strong
  • Sheri Obenland
  • Rick Aldrich
    As a retiredDOC employee i strongly urge you to fund this contract. I chslange everone of you to take a hour of your time and walk with them in their workplace and then stand and tell them NO to their contract.
  • Joan Roper
  • Angela Durbin
    Do the right thing !!!
  • Jeffrey Smith
    Fund our contract now!
  • Manjit Chauhan
  • patty Bunch
    What are you people thinking.they risk there lives every day. My daughter is an RD at one of the pens
  • Anthony Watson
    Fund our contract!!!
  • Louis Genga
    I have been a corrections officer for 34 years. The last 30 at the Pierce County Jail. The work is dangerous and often times we are understaffed. Corrections officers should be compensated along the same line as street officers. We are the behind the scenes law enforcement personnel.
  • Kristin Davis
    As an employee of DOC, I feel it is extremely disturbing that our some of our political leaders could possibly be opposed to DOC employees receiving an increase in wages KNOWING that we haven’t received one in nearly a decade, KNOWING that the cost of living and premium rates get raised yearly, KNOWING that the conditions within our prisons are becoming more dangerous and our number are FAR less than the prison population and KNOWING that WE DESERVE IT! Their lack of appreciation is NOTED and will be remembered.
  • Angela Johnson
  • Sheriden Roberts
  • Denise Anderson
  • Vemsheree Martin
  • Kelli Delp
    Our DOC employees deserve their raise. If you people want to save washington state money look at the waste that goes on at DOC headquarters. You can also investigate the waste with what is known as CI. Show our men and women at the department of corrections the respect they deserve and so often do not get and give them their raise. Thank you.
  • Lisa West
  • Danny Bowhay
    They deserve a raise…
  • Patti Walden
    Sign our PETITION in support of funding WA State corrections employees' contract. They risk their lives to protect us!
  • Patti Walden
    They have been under paid for way too long!
  • vincelle calica
  • Amanda Hanson