Invest In Those Who Keep Our Communities Safe

Washington State corrections employees put their lives on the line to protect the public.

Many corrections employees are military veterans who have served our country and are continuing that public service back home. They know how important it is to invest in corrections so that our state’s prisons are safe and our communities are strong.

I urge the Washington Legislature to fully fund the corrections contract and invest in the men and women who keep our communities safe.


Will you sign?

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  • Mark Bean
  • Sariah Wilburn
  • Elisa Jungbauer
  • Chuck Eggert
    These employees due to there job and not knowing if they will go home after each shift speaks for itself. They deserve a decent raise. There work is thankless and is hard to believe they would not be treated in a respectable manner. If those who control the budget had to observe working conditions maybe they would respect them the way it should be. They should work one shift to totally understand what the Corrections employees have to face each shift.
  • Chelsea Orvella
  • Michael Wise
  • Eric Johnson
  • Randy Senne
  • Richard Wittner
  • Dale Chambers
  • Joe McGee
    Good and brave people doing important work. Their needs as employees need to be a high priority of government and public policy makers.
  • Ron Woolcock
  • Dave McKee
  • Jona Arnbrister
    Hard working, trained professionals work at Wa St. correctional facilities in tense, stressful, dangerous positions. Those workers must be retained, or, the State and populace suffer the consequences. If other jobs supply workers with the same benefits and wages and are less stressful and dangerous, the much needed highly trained workers will go elsewhere. Fund their contract!
  • jean slocum
  • Laura Walker
  • Leonard Crouch
  • Bonny Oborn
    I am a retired State Employee, who went without raises for years, too. You are some of our heroes and I will lobby for increased benefits for you. Stay safe and use your leave to re-fuel!
  • Lawrence Schuchart
  • Sign our PETITION in support of funding WA State corrections employees' contract. They risk their lives to protect us!
  • Janet Hada
  • Scott Sullivan
  • Rick Swartz
  • Christine Landon
  • Ron Harrell
  • Wesley Wilson
  • Barbara Robinson
  • Therese Orth
  • Elaine Kohler
  • Gisela Hanson