Invest In Those Who Keep Our Communities Safe

Washington State corrections employees put their lives on the line to protect the public.

Many corrections employees are military veterans who have served our country and are continuing that public service back home. They know how important it is to invest in corrections so that our state’s prisons are safe and our communities are strong.

I urge the Washington Legislature to fully fund the corrections contract and invest in the men and women who keep our communities safe.


Will you sign?

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  • Eric Nowobilski
  • Michael Carnathan
    Pass the Budget with our well deserved and long over due.
  • Joel Santos
  • David Knigge
  • Danielle Jensen
  • Noelle Guenette
  • Sue Clinton
  • Farrell Schulz
  • James Taylor
  • Kathryn Wallace
  • Anthony Campbell
  • jacqulyn scharf
  • Marion Blannon-Clark
  • Georgia Tountas
  • Eric Williams
  • Matthew House
    Uphold the agreement! Fund the contract!
  • Ryan Jarman
  • Sylvia Dewitt
  • Heidi Whittemore
  • Stephanie Moore
  • John Torres
  • Raymond Broussard
  • Jeff Herrmann
    I have worked for the Department Of Corrections now for years. We deal with the people society doesn’t want anything to do with. FELONS MURDERS SEXUAL PREDATORS AND THE LIST GOES ON. Please fund our contract we need a raise just to survive we haven’t had a cost of living or any type of raise for years. Please support us so that we can continue to protect the public .


    Sergeant Herrmann
  • daniel dillon
    let’s make this right,your signature will help
  • Lynda Jones
    DOC staff deserve much better pay and treatment!
  • Hunter Corbett
  • Pat Harper
  • Randall Marquis
  • Tara Proctor
  • Deen Hanson
    Please fund our contract!