Interest arbitration bills introduced in both House and Senate

2.1.13_StateCapitol.jpgWe have some great news to report out of Olympia!  Our interest arbitration bills for Local 117 correctional employees at the DOC were introduced today in both the House (HB 1490) and the Senate (SB 5387)! 

Thanks to your participation in the Correctional Employees’ Day of Action event in Olympia on January 10, along with your lobby visits, phone calls, and emails to legislators, we are one step closer to passing this important legislation and improving working conditions for our State’s correctional employees.

You can view more details about the bills here:


Local 117 Lobbyist Teresita Torres has lined up an impressive, bipartisan list of 17 legislators to sponsor our bills.  In the House, sponsors include: Mike Sells (38th), Chris Reykdal (22nd), Steve Tharinger (24th), Gerry Pollet (46th), Tami Green (28th), Joe Fitzgibbon (34th), Roger Goodman (45th), Luis Moscoso (1st), Roger Freeman (30th), Kristine Lytton (40th), Timm Ormsby (3rd), Maureen Walsh (16th) and Mike Hope (44th).  In the Senate, sponsors include:  Kirk Pearson (39th), Pam Roach (31st), Steve Conway (29th) and Bob Hasegawa (5th).


Local 117 Political Action Coordinator, Lily Wilson-Codega, is organizing a series of Lobby Days so that members can meet with legislators in person to discuss interest arbitration.  Our second Lobby Day this legislative session will occur this Thursday, January 31.  We will be meeting at 9am in the Pritchard Building (415 15th Ave. SW) in Olympia for a brief orientation before we head out to legislative appointments.  If you are able, come to Olympia and make your voice heard!  Contact Lily at 206-794-2606 to register for the event.


In the next few weeks, our bills will be heard by a series of legislative committees.  In order to have a chance of passing the bills, all Correctional Employees AND their supporters must:

  1. Continue to flood the Legislative Hotline in Olympia at 1-800-652-6000 and tell their legislators to support the interest arbitration bills - HB 1490 and SB 5387!
  2. Aggressively target all legislators in the House Labor & Workforce Development Committee, the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee, the House Ways & Means Committee, and Senate Ways & Means CommitteeSend an email to all of the legislators on these committees today urging them to support interest arbitration for correctional employees!

As soon as we have hearing dates, we will let you know.  When hearings occur, we will need to pack the hearing rooms to send a powerful message to legislators that we are serious about the need to pass interest arbitration for correctional employees.  

Thank you for your service and for fighting to pass this important legislation.  Remember to stay safe!

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