Our work at DOC

Corrections employees put their lives on the line to serve and protect our communities. Whether it be their military service, volunteer work, or keeping dangerous felons off the street, they are committed to keeping our communities safe.

The state must invest in corrections employees who keep our communities safe. Their pay should reflect the unique nature of their work inside the state’s prison system.

Funding their contract will provide an economic boost to local communities. Prisons are the largest employer in many parts of our state. A pay increase for corrections employees will help businesses in these communities thrive.



Get the facts about corrections work:



Corrections employees perform dangerous, stressful work to keep our communities safe.


Correctional employees have the highest injury rate of all state employees. They put their lives on the line to keep us safe.


Many corrections employees are military veterans and are continuing there service back home.


Funding the DOC contract will provide $567 million in additional economic activity to our state.


The purchasing power of corrections employees has decreased by 10.2% since 2007.


CO2s earn 37.44% less than those in the same role in county corrections. Other classifications are similarly undercompensated.

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