How will interest arbitration help WA State correctional employees?


For too long, WA State correctional employees have not been given the respect they deserve. Interest arbitration will help WA State correctional employees in the following ways:

  • Interest arbitration will ensure a level playing field and give DOC employees the respect, dignity, and fairness in negotiations that is long overdue.
  • With interest arbitration, contract proposals that remain unresolved in bargaining would be given fair, impartial consideration.
  • Interest arbitration will prevent costly litigation and reduce the number of unfair labor practice charges the State must investigate.
  • Correctional employees have given up the right to strike because of their dedication to public safety. Interest arbitration will provide a fair and timely process for addressing issues in contract negotiations that might otherwise result in a labor dispute.
  • County correctional employees, the Washington State Patrol, local police officers, firefighters and other law enforcement and public safety professionals have broad interest arbitration rights; Correctional employees must be afforded these rights as well.
  • Correctional employees should have the same rights that have been granted to every other public safety group in Washington State.

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