VIDEO: WA State Correctional Workers Speak Out!

Please take a few minutes to watch this powerful video of Washington State correctional employees talking about the challenging nature of their job. Share the video with your friends so that more of us understand what it's like to work behind prison walls.  Remember to thank correctional workers for everything they do to keep our communities safe!

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  • Wendy Venuto Dilay
  • Nickole Kollman-Coons
  • Jp Parker
    I feel very strongly about the rights and safety of my Brethren. Federal, State, County or City. I have received broken bones, a split scalp and several other injuries as a result of responding to emergencies inside the walls. Anything that can be done to support Correctional Officer needs to be looked into.
  • Kimberly Seward
    I have been with DOC for going on 13 years. I have been assaulted myself, been injured several times unable to work breaking up inmate fights. I have had my life threatened, and the lives of my wife and children. I have seen fellow officers stabbed, beaten down, feces thrown on them among other things. All in the course of our duty to protect our community. We need our contract funded PLEASE!!!
  • Kimberly Seward
  • Valentina  D Lopez
  • Spencer Thal
    Unseen heroes who shorten and reduce the quality of their lives, endanger themselves, their families and the quality of their family life for our safety and well-being. The ask? 30 seconds to electronically sign a petition that takes a small step towards recognizing and appreciating their work.
  • Valli McKnight
    None of these employees mentioned the brutal murders of their co-workers. This explains why there are so many repeat offenders. They are pampered, coddled, get free, room, board, medical and the attention they want from people who have to remain polite and caring or get fired. Most of the prison population, should have been put to death after the trial. This is the fault of the judges, juries, and lawyers who don’t want to do the right thing.
  • Helen Brougher
  • Gregory Judd